Video of the Week

Posted 19 Mar 2010

Video of the Week #7

After a month of shitty internet I finally got a new modem so now I can upload videos again. But my website theme was updated and now everything is all messed up. So now I have to a bunch of coding that I have already done in order to fix it. Arrghh. Anyways here is video of the week #7-Rainy… Continue »
Posted 12 Mar 2010

Video of the Week #6

204 throwaway footy. More media in the works. Continue »
Posted 26 Feb 2010

Video of the Week #4

Some random footy from Fernwood skate sessions in 2009. Brandan Soros, Conlan Kileen, Mike Farley, Don Elliot, Brandon Wells, Colby Spence, Andrew Martin Continue »
Posted 12 Feb 2010

Video of the Week#2

Dessa preforms Sadie Hawkins at the Biltmore in Vancouver while on Tour with P.O.S, Grieves, and Budo [ o ] K. Kodric Continue »
Posted 05 Feb 2010

Video of the Week #1

Raekwon the Chef Preforms at Element Nightclub. The first time ever in Victoria. [ o ] K.Kodric Continue »