The Heard

Posted 13 May 2010

Run with the Heard, DJ Dopey, Humans,...

On Thursday April 29th Run with the Heard, DJ Dopey, Humans, Felicia Andolong & Divine Element played a smoking show at Sopranos. I dropped my camera, broke the filter and couldn’t get it off but I still got some shots. Here are some photos. Run with the Heard Humans Felicia Andolong & Divine Element Continue »
Posted 05 Mar 2010

Video of the Week #5

The Heard live at Logan’s. I wanted to post something else but my intranet is still acting up so Continue »
Posted 03 Mar 2010

The Heard, Illani & The Creep

Here’s some media from The Heard, Illani & The Creep live at Logan’s Pub on Thursday Feb 25th. Everyone killed it. If you haven’t listened to The Heard do it now. It will make your day much better. More videos on the way. I am still having trouble uploading videos to the interweb. Damn you Telus. The Heard Video The… Continue »