Fight in the Fields

Posted 03 Jun 2010

Josh Martinez, Mos Eisley, Fatty Down...

Last month Josh Martinez played a show with Fatty Down & Mos Eisley and Fight in the Fields. Wow I am slow. Josh Martinez Fatty Down & Mos Eisley Fight in the Fields Continue »
Posted 20 Apr 2010

Blender #3

Ahh snap. Blender #3 was hosted on April 14th at Lucky Bar. Featuring performances by IllanI, Fight In The Fields (with former members of Raoul Duke), Genevieve Rainey, My Lovely Son and Toby Emerson. With Artwork from Art4Life and HABIT’s own Zack Simon it was a banging good time. Here are some photos from the show. Here is a video… Continue »
Posted 02 Apr 2010

Fight in the Fields, Skulastic &...

Fight in the Fields (with former members of Raoul Duke, 49p & Everyone Everywhere), Skulastic & Konfidential (Nanaimo), Axhead (Axiom & Headspace) {Van City} and Molotov Cocktails (Victoria/Illy Pros) with art by Matt Andres. Live at Higher Ground on Sat. Mar 28th, 2010. Continue »