Mike Farley; 5-0 grind

What is CONFUSIONmedia?

CONFUSIONmedia is a publication focused on the skateboarding scene on Vancouver Island and all aspects of its culture. Our goal is to provide coverage of the local art, photography, music, and skateboarding communities. At the same time giving local business & groups a place to help promote themselves. Each issue is full of event coverage, photography and articles on the local talents. Our website CONFUSIONmedia.com is updated weekly with photos, videos and coverage of the local skateboarding, music, and art scenes.

Where can I get CONFUSIONmedia?

CONFUSIONmedia is distributed at 50+ locations throughout Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland. Mostly skateshops and local clothing, music, art stores. Each issue of CONFUSIONmedia is available to view online and distributed via e-mail to our growing e-mailing list. The E-mag is also posted on CONFUSIONmedia.com, Facebook, Myspace, etc…

Who reads CONFUSIONmedia?

Our readers our between 15-and 35, 90% are male. They listen to music, and are interested in art, photography and skateboarding.

How long has CONFUSIONmedia been around for?

Our first issue was published in Nov. 2002 since then we have published 22 issues.

Why, CONFUSIONmedia?

Because there is a lot happening here on Vancouver Island. CONFUSIONmedia is focused on covering the island and what we do. Advertising with us is all about providing support and inspiration for the local skateboarding community.