Posted 15 Jul 2010

Tofino 2010: video

Here is a little video from the Tuff City Skate Contest #6 in Tofino. Give it a minute to load. Continue »
Posted 15 Jun 2010

Vic West 2010 Contest

The annual Vee Dub contest was held this June 12th, 2010. What an amazing day. Perfect weather,good turn out and great skateboarding despite the wax sabotage. Eric Sorrenson won first prize in the advanced category, Brandan Soros took 2nd and Zane Cushing was 3rd. Other winners were Beginner: Luke Thodos Intermediate: Reed Timmins , Classic: Aren Scott, Ladies: Sammy Long…. Continue »
Posted 20 Apr 2010

Video of the Week #11

OK so I have been slacking off lately with the posting. But all this nice weather is so has got me outta retirement and skateboarding again. I haven’t had anytime to put a video together so here is a little throwaway montage by InfamousA. Continue »
PA ramp
Posted 26 Mar 2010

Video of the Week #8

Video of the week #8. PA Ramp n’ Camp 2009. Thanks to Jamie \Collins and Instrumental Skateboards. If you haven’t done so already Continue »
Posted 19 Mar 2010

Video of the Week #7

After a month of shitty internet I finally got a new modem so now I can upload videos again. But my website theme was updated and now everything is all messed up. So now I have to a bunch of coding that I have already done in order to fix it. Arrghh. Anyways here is video of the week #7-Rainy… Continue »
Posted 12 Mar 2010

Video of the Week #6

204 throwaway footy. More media in the works. Continue »
Posted 07 Mar 2010

P.O.S., Grieves & Budo, Dessa

P.O.S., Grieves & Budo, Dessa playing in Vancouver at the Biltmore on Feb. 11th, 2010. Continue »
Posted 05 Mar 2010

Video of the Week #5

The Heard live at Logan’s. I wanted to post something else but my intranet is still acting up so Continue »
Posted 26 Feb 2010

Video of the Week #4

Some random footy from Fernwood skate sessions in 2009. Brandan Soros, Conlan Kileen, Mike Farley, Don Elliot, Brandon Wells, Colby Spence, Andrew Martin Continue »
Posted 24 Feb 2010

Eyedea & Abilities live in...

Eyedea & Abilities played a BANGING show at the Biltmore in Vancouver on Feb. 05, 2010. Eyedea & Abilities Videos This Story Spin Cycle Encore w/ DOSH Astronaultalist Continue »
Posted 19 Feb 2010

Video of the Week #3

Eyedea & Abilities Live at the Biltmore in Vancouver. Continue »
Posted 12 Feb 2010

Video of the Week#2

Dessa preforms Sadie Hawkins at the Biltmore in Vancouver while on Tour with P.O.S, Grieves, and Budo [ o ] K. Kodric Continue »
Posted 05 Feb 2010

Video of the Week #1

Raekwon the Chef Preforms at Element Nightclub. The first time ever in Victoria. [ o ] K.Kodric Continue »
Posted 10 Oct 2009

GZA Liquid Swords live in

Here is video from the GZA show at Sugar on Sept. 22nd, 2009. Continue »
Posted 28 Sep 2009

Go Skate Day 2009 video part 1

Go Skate Day 2009 video part 1 Continue »
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