Posted 05 Jul 2009

Ghetto Spot

A time lapse of us doing work at the Ghetto Spot in Victoria. Continue »
Posted 05 Jul 2009

Cash Cup 2008-clip

The Cash Cup is coming up soon.  Here is some footy from 2008 flimed and edited by Ryan Burke Continue »
Posted 30 Jun 2009

Photo of the Week #4

R Gonzalez posted a photo:

Desmond Hoostie kicky back nosegrind

Kitsch-Monke Vancouver Island tour 09′

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Trevor Ribeyre; switch fronsideflip
Posted 28 Apr 2009

Photo of the Week #3

Bigger than big Continue »
Front Feebs
Posted 03 Mar 2009

Photo of the Week #2

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Posted 31 Jan 2009


  Brando loud & proud in-front of Higher Ground on Douglas Street.[Photo: Jason Picton] Brandon Wells, is one of those people you don’t come across very often.  He’s the classic story of starting out in a small town, and then making his dreams come true in the big city.  This 28 year old was born and raised in Port Alberni,… Continue »
Posted 31 Dec 2008


With massive party glasses, Johnny L.A. gives his approval, with a thumbs-up, to a traditional Port Alberni back-yard garbage brawl.[Photo: Jason Picton] John Patterson, a familiar face in the Victoria skateboarding scene for many years, has been there and done that.  Originally born in Canada, then moving south to such places as Hawaii and Los Angeles.  He has lived in… Continue »
Posted 19 Dec 2008


Brad Ormiston: Dog-walk noseslide. [Photo: Jay Zemanek] Brad Ormiston, a born and raised Victoria local, who rides for Concyse Clothing, and One Six Skate Shop. At age 22, he’s a smart and strapping young man, growing up with the likes of Matt & Mike Gordon, Cort Watt, and Alex Eddy. An avid hockey player and diehard Canuck fan, known for… Continue »
Hill Sulpher - Backside Tailslide - Toronto ON
Posted 02 Dec 2008

Photo of the Week #1

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Posted 29 Nov 2008


Kris Hemmingsen at the P.A. Summer Kick-off Ramp Demo 2007. [photo: Jason Picton]Kris Hemmingsen, a Port Alberni local, who rides for Instrumental Skateboards.  Put together his first video (Why Not P.A. ?) with a borrowed, low budget video camera, his gang of unruly friends, and the passion that comes with skateboarding.  It’s a video that makes you want to go… Continue »
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