Posted 28 Sep 2010

Rifflandia 3 day 1 & 2

This years Rifflandia was amazing so many good shows, very well put together. A great way to wind down the summer. Rifflandia 3 66 photos Slideshow     Continue »
Posted 17 Aug 2010

Photo of the Week #38

Drew Copleston fakie nosegrind fakie flip out by Keighley Kodric Continue »
Posted 21 Jul 2010

Cash Cup 2010

The Cash Cup presented by One Six was held at the gordonhead skatepark on a very hot Saturday July, 3rd. The cash cup is one of my favorite contests of the year. Its always nice & chill and they give out a TON of money. This year’s the contest was a bit smaller only 14 entry’s in the advanced category,… Continue »
Posted 06 Jul 2010

Tofino Contest 2010

The annual Tuff City skate contest took place this Canada Day in Tofino. The park managed to dry up just in time and stay dry for an killer day of skateboarding. Which was great because we are sorta bummed when we woke up to rain. I didn’t keep track of who won the first few categories but here is some… Continue »
Posted 15 Jun 2010

Vic West 2010 Contest

The annual Vee Dub contest was held this June 12th, 2010. What an amazing day. Perfect weather,good turn out and great skateboarding despite the wax sabotage. Eric Sorrenson won first prize in the advanced category, Brandan Soros took 2nd and Zane Cushing was 3rd. Other winners were Beginner: Luke Thodos Intermediate: Reed Timmins , Classic: Aren Scott, Ladies: Sammy Long…. Continue »
sooke_004 copy
Posted 23 Apr 2010

Photo of the Week #31

Dylan Timmins puts the eez in Steez. Kickflip at Sooke skatepark by Keighley Kodric Continue »
Posted 20 Apr 2010

Blender #3

Ahh snap. Blender #3 was hosted on April 14th at Lucky Bar. Featuring performances by IllanI, Fight In The Fields (with former members of Raoul Duke), Genevieve Rainey, My Lovely Son and Toby Emerson. With Artwork from Art4Life and HABIT’s own Zack Simon it was a banging good time. Here are some photos from the show. Here is a video… Continue »
Posted 12 Apr 2010

Photo of the Week #30

Although Brett Lawson didn’t land this trick and had to made Continue »
Posted 29 Mar 2010

Photo of the Week #28

Jamie Collins; ss hardflip, Ramp Camp 2009 Continue »
Posted 16 Mar 2010

Photo of the Week #26

Jamie Collins; heel varialflip out of the cup Continue »
Posted 07 Mar 2010

P.O.S., Grieves & Budo, Dessa

P.O.S., Grieves & Budo, Dessa playing in Vancouver at the Biltmore on Feb. 11th, 2010. Continue »
Posted 07 Mar 2010

Photo of the Week#25

Johnny LA; ss fs noselide by Keighley Kodric Continue »
Posted 03 Mar 2010

The Heard, Illani & The Creep

Here’s some media from The Heard, Illani & The Creep live at Logan’s Pub on Thursday Feb 25th. Everyone killed it. If you haven’t listened to The Heard do it now. It will make your day much better. More videos on the way. I am still having trouble uploading videos to the interweb. Damn you Telus. The Heard Video The… Continue »
Mat Howell; goes big by Rigo Gonzalez
Posted 01 Mar 2010

Photo of the Week #24

Mat Howell; goes big by Rigo Gonzalez Continue »
Posted 24 Feb 2010

Eyedea & Abilities live in...

Eyedea & Abilities played a BANGING show at the Biltmore in Vancouver on Feb. 05, 2010. Eyedea & Abilities Videos This Story Spin Cycle Encore w/ DOSH Astronaultalist Continue »
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