Photo of the Week

Posted 17 Aug 2010

Photo of the Week #38

Drew Copleston fakie nosegrind fakie flip out by Keighley Kodric Continue »
confusion copy
Posted 06 Jul 2010

Photo of the week #37

Mat Howell at sixside by Rigo Gonzalez. Nuff said. Continue »
Posted 21 May 2010

Photo of the Week #35

Oh snap I forgot to post the photo of the week. Stupid. Matt Howell; lipslide up the extension by Tim Ford. HOT SHIT. Continue »
Posted 10 May 2010

Photo of the Week #34

When I was shooting this photo some fine resident from Crack Towers decided to toss their potato peelings and other garbage from their dinner out the window. I was pelted with a few potato peels before I realized what was going on. Just another day in the ghetto. I never used it because it wasn’t landed but whatever. Colby Spence; smith grind by Keighley Kodric Continue »
Posted 05 May 2010

Photo of the Week #33

If you have been to this spot you know that this is just retarded. Dayne; crooks (popover I think) by Tim Ford Continue »
Posted 27 Apr 2010

Photo of the Week #32

I took this photo well over a year ago, probably closer to two years by now. I had planned to use it in an issue of CONFUSIONmedia but never got around to making another issue. Aaron Sheare; bs kickflip by Keighley Kodric Continue »
sooke_004 copy
Posted 23 Apr 2010

Photo of the Week #31

Dylan Timmins puts the eez in Steez. Kickflip at Sooke skatepark by Keighley Kodric Continue »
Posted 12 Apr 2010

Photo of the Week #30

Although Brett Lawson didn’t land this trick and had to made Continue »
Posted 09 Apr 2010

Photo of the Week #29

DEL live at Element on April 7th, 2010 by Keighley Kodric Continue »
Posted 29 Mar 2010

Photo of the Week #28

Jamie Collins; ss hardflip, Ramp Camp 2009 Continue »
POTW27_Drew-3flip reservoir gap
Posted 21 Mar 2010

Photo of the Week #27

Andrew Douglas Copleston and his amazing 3flips by Keighley Kodric Continue »