Posted 23 Feb 2010

Def 3 ft.OYE!, Kay the Aquanaut,...

Amazing show, big shout to everyone who was involved. If you missed this show make sure you don’t miss the next. Def3 w/ OYE! Kay the Aquanaut Spanish Fly Art by Andrew Quay aka Jux More Photos Continue »
Posted 19 Feb 2010

Video of the Week #3

Eyedea & Abilities Live at the Biltmore in Vancouver. Continue »
Posted 17 Feb 2010

Sole live in Victoria w/ Def3 and Kay...

Here is the media from the Sole, Def3 and Kay the Aquanaut playing at the Victoria Events Center on Nov. 25, 2009 Sole Photos Def3 & Kay the Aquanaut Photos Continue »
Posted 15 Feb 2010

Photo of the Week#22

P.O.S. preforms in Vancouver at the Biltmore. [ o ] K. Kodric Continue »
Posted 07 Feb 2010

K’Naan J Period-The Messengers

K’Naan and J Period’s new project The Messengers is an ambitious project undertaken by two obviously capable musicians. Being a huge K’Naan fan I was predisposed to like the mixtape, and although not all of it was my style, there are some great tracks on the tape, and it’s free, … Continue »
Posted 05 Feb 2010

Video of the Week #1

Raekwon the Chef Preforms at Element Nightclub. The first time ever in Victoria. [ o ] K.Kodric Continue »
Posted 16 Jan 2010

R.A. the Rugged Man w/ Brass Tackz...

Here is the media from the R.A the Rugged Man show presented by Higher Ground back in November. R.A. the Rugged Man Photos Video Brass Tackz Photos Video Illy Pros Photos Video Continue »
Posted 11 Dec 2009

20 MIN MIX from Paper Tiger

Paper Tiger of the DOOMtree crew has started a new tradition and will be releasing “20 Minutes, nothing fancy, its just whatever I am in the mood for at a given time, sort of thing” 20 min. mix tapes when he has a chance to make a new one. The first installment is 80’s Electro. Back in the day breakdancin’… Continue »
Posted 19 Nov 2009

Dino J

Dinosaur Jr. @ Sugar, Victoria, BC Continue »
PhuckCancer0026 (1024x683)
Posted 10 Oct 2009

GZA live in Victoria-photos

Here is some media from the GZA show Continue »
Posted 10 Oct 2009

GZA Liquid Swords live in

Here is video from the GZA show at Sugar on Sept. 22nd, 2009. Continue »
PhuckCancer0011 (1024x683)
Posted 09 Oct 2009

Phuck Cancer

Here are some photos of Raoul Duke Continue »
Picture 731
Posted 26 Aug 2009

Breaking Ground Fest 2009

The 2009 Breaking Ground Hip Hop Festival held on Aug. 14-16 in Victoria was off the hook. Featuring Luckyiam, Red1, Fatty Down, genevab, Tone of Voyce, Chracter Traits, Raoul Duke and many more. Continue »
Posted 18 Jul 2009

Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus by Ryan Burke Continue »
P1220919 copy
Posted 05 Jul 2009

Classified in Victoria

Classified Live at Element, April 2009. Continue »
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