Free Music

Posted 07 Feb 2010

K’Naan J Period-The Messengers

K’Naan and J Period’s new project The Messengers is an ambitious project undertaken by two obviously capable musicians. Being a huge K’Naan fan I was predisposed to like the mixtape, and although not all of it was my style, there are some great tracks on the tape, and it’s free, … Continue »
Posted 11 Dec 2009

20 MIN MIX from Paper Tiger

Paper Tiger of the DOOMtree crew has started a new tradition and will be releasing “20 Minutes, nothing fancy, its just whatever I am in the mood for at a given time, sort of thing” 20 min. mix tapes when he has a chance to make a new one. The first installment is 80’s Electro. Back in the day breakdancin’… Continue »