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First Listen: Reflection Eternal is “Back again/ You can like rap again/ You can say that again/”. It was a great sunny Saturday morning, the first in the midst of a rain filled May/June. I should be out skateboarding or playing tennis but instead I’m inside staring at the Great Pink ring of soap scum attacking the shower floor. Only one thing can give me the motivation to clean this fucker up, Some great new rap music! I had been meaning to check the new Reflection Eternal (MC Talib Kweli and Producer Hi-Tek) LP for a few weeks now but I was inundated with so many albums and I really wanted to give this one the proper listening it deserves. I pop the album into the PS3 and promptly turn that shit up to max. Within minutes I’m bumping the lead off single “Back Again” its killer. The video actually came out last summer but I had forgotten about how dope the track is. By track 5 “In this world” (which has such a killer sample in it) I’m grooving hard and have also defeated the evil pink soap scum. This album is so good I realize I’m gonna have to keep cleaning as I am way to A.D.D. to just simply sit ad listen to music. So next thing you know i’m cleaning the toilet, windexing the coffee table and I barley even notice because the album is fucking good. Seriously the best first listen to a rap album all year. I’m folding laundry by the time “Ballad of the Black gold” hits and man does it hit hard. Its amazing how timely this song is, the beat is my fav on the album so far and so is the chorus. The production on the track (and album as a whole) really has a great live feel to it, felt like there was actually a marching band ripping it in my house well this track played! Next song featured Mighty Mos, Jay Electronica and J.Cole, great combination for a track, Everyone drops an awesome verse. My homey northern light showed up just as the final tracks of the album are finishing. He challenges me to a dual at FIFA WORLD CUP 10, I accept. Unbeknownst to him I’m pumped right the hell up from all the Kweli I’ve been listening too. Canada smashes USA 2 – Nil in our match, An expected outcome although it was many points shy of the 16-0 I predicted! A great album, big soccer win and clean place(according to my low standards at least.) Perfect Saturday.

Rating: ★★★★☆

After multiple listens: If you hung out with me in the weeks between June 5th and June 12th you probably noticed I said this many times, “Have you heard the new Reflection Eternal Album? Its so dope!”. I feel like I should almost be on the marketing payroll. After enjoying this album for a week I’ve really noticed something I always assumed but couldn’t quite verify, Kweli is the most consistent MC of the 2000’s. His ability(and on this album Hi-Tek’s as well) to switch styles from conscience to clubbing, rugged flow to soulfully smoothed out is perfect. One track an ode to getting loose on the dance floor and another lamenting the tragedy’s the bastardly oil Companies have done the world. “The ballad of the black gold” paints the picture of governments being in bed with the oil companies in such honest light its hard to think that people could listen to this song and not be enlightened. The fact it was made pre-BP oil spill makes it more important to me as it shows we could all see this disaster happening way before it actually did. The beats are great too as a whole, fleshed out by what sounds like a lot of live instruments. Lots of great horns and even more impressive – multiple songs with xylophone! YES! Hi–Tek also seems to really have an amazing handle on great bass line melody’s. Listen to this album well its cranked’ and you’ll know what I mean. I’ve noticed a few of the beats even have a very 50’s feel to them. In what could appear like a move to get some “Hey Ya” airplay, but I find these numbers a great way to do a throwback style song but still be very progressive in nature too. “Finishing Hour” does such a great job blurring the line between catchy pop song and great rap song. Its hard to pull out things I don’t like about this album because I find it just so solid. Even the obligatory weed song ”Lift’in Off” is banging.. So all in all you need to get this album..NOW! Kweli is not only the most consistent lyricist out there right now, he can also help you clean your house and lay a major ass-whooping on your friends at video game soccer!

Rating: ★★★★☆

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  1. Such a good album!!!
    The soccer game story is all hearsay!!!

    Posted by Northern Light on 03 September 10 at 5:46pm

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