Tofino Contest 2010


The annual Tuff City skate contest took place this Canada Day in Tofino. The park managed to dry up just in time and stay dry for an killer day of skateboarding. Which was great because we are sorta bummed when we woke up to rain. I didn’t keep track of who won the first few categories but here is some media form the advanced category.

Matt G; ss b/s lipslipde

Conlan K; 5-0 fakie

Sean H; crail stall

Picton the Host & The Judges

Luke C; b/s feeble

B. Wells. Get money.

3rd. place Luke Connor

2nd Place Conlan Killeen

1st place Brandan Soros wins the $500 top prize.

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  1. ha ha ha great work Keighley thanks a million billion

    Posted by Picton on 10 July 10 at 12:12am

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