Cash Cup 2010


The Cash Cup presented by One Six was held at the gordonhead skatepark on a very hot Saturday July, 3rd. The cash cup is one of my favorite contests of the year. Its always nice & chill and they give out a TON of money. This year’s the contest was a bit smaller only 14 entry’s in the advanced category, I think there was 28 last year, but fun none the less. I didn’t keep track of the first categories, nor can I find the results, but I do have some media from the advanced category.

Brad O. serves up the hip.

Matt Gravel tags in Conlan for a trick during Matt’s run.

Todd Myers ollies over his motor bike.

Conlan kick flips over the rail during his run. He frontside flipped over it after but I ran out of space on my cam.

Eric S. flips the hip.

Conlan 5-0 fakie over the wave.

Eric Timmins blunt pop out.

Matt Gordon attempts a boneless to boardslide.

Brandan Soros attempts a f/s kickflip

Matt Gravel does something while Conlan watches


Pierce Mckay 3rd place.

Brandan Soros pick up another $285 for second place after winning $500 in Tofino 2 days earlier.

Conlan trades place with Soros and takes home the Cash Cup two years in a row

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